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A cute whale-shaped mini knife with a rounded tip that is safe.
With a lovely design that makes you feel as if you are swimming gracefully in the ocean, it is currently gaining popularity among children and women.
Tosa's traditional craftsmen have carefully made each one.

The birth of the whale knife came from a mother's request, "I want you to make a knife with a blunt tip for sharpening children's pencils."
It's not sharp, so it's safe even for small children.
Demonstrate power even in a cute form!
The manufacturing method and sharpness are traditional Tosa cutlery.
The two types of metals are properly combined, quenched, and re-oiled.

Safe and secure, but with excellent sharpness, the whale knife is useful in a variety of situations.
Use it for small occasions such as children's pencil sharpeners, woodworking, paper knives, gardening, office cutting knives, and fruit peeling.
It is also recommended for outdoor use due to its thick blade and excellent sharpness.

The black surface is an oxide film, and it is characterized by a slightly rough texture and uneven color that gives a handmade taste.

The cute shape is perfect as a gift or as an interior decoration for your room!
Its cute design makes it a very popular souvenir, and at the 1st Kochi Souvenir Making Contest, it was selected as an honorable mention out of over 100 entries.
In addition, at the 18th Japan National Village Revitalization Exhibition held in 2004, it won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, the highest award.

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