Store Integration and New Store Information

We have some information about store integration and new stores.

Net sales of TOKUZO original brand will start.

We have a wide range of products, from those for home use to those that can be used by professionals.

Discounted knife sets!

We are running a campaign to save you money on kitchen knives.

I carefully sharpened the Nakiri knife.

A Nakiri is a knife that specializes in cutting vegetables.

Sharpen it and it'll be sharp again!

Let's revive the sharpness of knives and cook comfortably.

【Maintenance】Masking tape for preparation for sharpening

If you are sharpening your knives at home, why not add a little extra care to your knife sharpening?

Coming soon!

Left-Handed Japanese Kitchen Knife Coming Soon in an Affordable Standard Model!

New Products at Asakusa Branch.

TOKUZO's original kitchen knives are now available in additional models.

TOKUZO was featured in the Taito City quarterly magazine.

TOKUZO was featured in "Taito Bird's Eye View (

Taito Chokan) Autumn 2020 (No.5)".

Steak knife all handmade

Steak knife all handmade