Collection: Kurotori Forging Factory

Around the beginning of the Meiji period, the founder Heiji Kajiwara moved from Kurotori Village, Tosaaki District (now Kurotori, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture) to Higashimata Village, Takaoka District (main hall of Shimanto Town) and founded a forging factory.

Since then, it has been passed down to Takeji and Shikagame for more than 130 years, and now the 4th generation Teruo Kajiwara and the 6th generation Hirosuke Kajiwara are striving to manufacture a wide variety of cutlery for forestry, agriculture, hunting and home use.
Forging and making various products every day at the field blacksmith that has been around for over 100 years.

Basically, we do everything from forging to forming, quenching, and polishing.

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