Collection: Naoto Myojin by Naoto

"Innovative kitchen knife that continues to evolve"

Naoto Myojin is the second-generation sharpener of Myojin Riki Seisakusho in Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture.
He studied blacksmithing for three years from the age of 18, after which he became a sharpener and learned sharpening from his father, who was the founder of the company. There, he learned to sharpen the clam blade.
After that, with his natural curiosity and dynamism, he visits sharpeners all over the country, tries to exchange technical skills, and devotes himself to learning new techniques.
In addition, he continues to grow with an insatiable desire to improve based on feedback from users, and has refined and varied his skills at an amazing speed.

The blade is slightly rounded toward the edge, but not too thin, and the thickness of the blade is carefully adjusted and sharpened. It is highly rated not only in Japan but also overseas.

A high-quality product that you should definitely try.

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