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>The Mori Tokuzo Group was founded in 1854 by Mori Tokuzo,the first generation of the Mori Tokuzo family in Hasuike, Tosa Domain(today's Otesuji, in Kochi City). They started out as an Oke-ya(bucket shop), and later changed their business to a sake brewing business and a real estate business as time went by.
  Within this group, our company, GLAZIA CO.,LTD. deals in Japanese knives, mainly Tosa hammered knives, under the brand name of TOKUZO.

Our company is located in Kochi Prefecture(Tosa), which is widely known as one of the three largest knife production areas in Japan. Our craftsmen have inherited the techniques of the Edo period and produce knives with a minimum of mechanization.
For more than 400 years since the Edo period, the ancient clad structure forging techniques and traditions have been handed down to craftsmen without change until now in the 21st century.
Tosa hammered knife has its roots in the sword-making techniques of the Gorozaemon Yoshimitsu group, who moved to Tosa from Yamato Province(Nara Prefecture) in 1306(the first year of the Tokuji Era) in the late Kamakura  Period. 400 years ago, Motochika Chosokabe brought back skilled sword smiths to forge knives during Toyotomi Hideyoshi's attack on Odawara.
Mutsunokamiyoshiyuki, the sword worn by Ryoma Sakamoto at the end of the Edo period, is also a Tosa hammered knife. It is characterized by the use of the same high quality blade steel as used in Japanese swords.
Like Japanese swords, hammered blades are forged to produce a finer metal structure, which increases sharpness, wear resistance, and the tenacity of the blade.
Tosa hammered knife is based on the techniques of sword smiths, and is carefully manufactured one knife at a time.

These knives can be manufactured with only an order form with the original dimensions and shape. The reason is that blacksmiths received orders for blades of different shapes and weights from all over the country.
This technique is called "Tosa's free forging," in which the metal material is heated to high temperature and then carefully beaten to stretch and spread it out to create a shape that can be freely formed.
A single craftsman handles the entire process from forging to edging and finishing, allowing for greater flexibility.
In this way, Tosa hammered knife industry is able to produce a wide variety of products in small quantities, so we are still able to respond to various orders from all over Japan.
It is valued by clients, but because there is no set mold, the forgers and grinders need to be skilled.

We would like to spread the excellence of Japanese forging culture and knives around the world, with a focus on Tosa Hammered knife.
With this in mind, we manufacture and sell hammered knives every day.

Representative Director Tsuneichiro Mori

Information about the company profile

company name GLAZIA CO.,LTD.
address 〒7800842 1-3-1 Otesuji Kochi-shi Kochi-ken
TEL / FAX TEL:088-855-8037 / FAX:088-855-8067
Representative Tsuneichiro Mori
Store Operations Manager Ninn Sou
Technical Director Toro Goto

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In addition to kitchen knives, GLAZIA CO., LTD. operates online stores such as Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping. au Pay Market, and Amazon in order to spread the good products of Kochi Prefecture throughout the country.