[Warning] Beware of malicious and fake sites

Thank you for your patronage of Tokuzo cutlery.

Currently, we have confirmed the existence of a "fake online shopping site" that steals information such as images of Japanese knives from Tokuzo Hamono, our company name and company logo without permission.

We have no relationship with the "fake mail order site".
If a customer uses such a "fake mail order site",
The customer's ID, password, or personal information is fraudulently stolen, and the product does not arrive even after the payment for the product is transferred, or a counterfeit product is sent.
It is possible that your credit card may be used fraudulently.
Please be careful not to place an order or transfer money on a "fake mail order site".

Characteristics of “fake mail-order sites” ・Products are sold at extremely low prices.
・Payment method is only advance payment such as bank transfer.
・The name of the account to which the payment is to be transferred is in the name of an individual.
- There is no contact phone number listed. Alternatively, mobile phones (numbers starting with 080 or 090) are used.
・The telephone number and fax number are different from the area code of the company address.
・Even if I inquire at the email address listed as a contact, I do not receive a reply.
・The e-mail address for inquiries is a free e-mail domain.
・Unnatural Japanese is used in explanations.

If you are actually damaged, the screen at the time of transaction, the contents of the email exchanged with the other party, the other party's information (ID, address, phone number, account number),
Please prepare documents related to the transaction partner such as transfer records,
Please contact the nearest police station in advance for consultation.

・ Official sales site operated by Grasia Co., Ltd. https://tokuzoknives.com/
・Rakuten Market https://www.rakuten.co.jp/moritokuzo/
・Yahoo https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/moritokuzo/
・ auPay Market https://wowma.jp/user/42564365
・Gift Mall https://giftmall.co.jp/shop/moritokuzo/

As of 2022/8/19