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Whale knife (5 types)

Whale knife (5 types)

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About the name engraving

About engraving names

We offer name engraving, please select it on the product page of your order.

550 yen per knife (tax included)

Notes on engraving

Please read carefully before placing an order.

  1. Except for incorrect letters, we do not accept returns or exchanges after the order has been placed.
  2. Laser engraving available.
  3. Typeface and size cannot be specified.
  4. We will choose the best typeface for your knife.
  5. Please note that the finished product may differ from the image shown in the picture due to the material of the handle.

Name engraving on Western kitchen knives

Horizontal writing, alphabet: up to 8 characters.

Vertical writing, Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana: 4 characters max.

Name engraving on Western kitchen knives Name engraving on Western kitchen knives

Name engraving on Japanese kitchen knives

Horizontal writing, alphabet: 15 characters or less.

Vertical writing, Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana: within 6 characters.

Name engraving on Japanese kitchen knives Name engraving on Japanese kitchen knives

If you have any other questions about personalization, please feel free to contact us.

Service, Trial


TOKUZO KNIVES offers free wrapping, personalization, and knife sharpening services.

Free Wrapping/h2> サービス・試み

We will wrap your purchase for free.
Would you like to wrap your gifts for celebrations and gifts?
People tend to think that knives are not suitable for gifts, but actually they go well together.

"It's the thing that breaks the bad luck and opens the good luck."

So, it's a very good omen.
Whether it is at a wedding or entering a wedding cake, it has the meaning of opening a new door.

  • Wedding Celebration Gifts
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Moving and housewarming gifts
  • celebration for retirement
  • birthday
  • celebration for the opening of a store
  • New Year's gift
  • Mid-year gift
  • A gift to express gratitude for your daily life

It is the best for such a gift.
If you are still concerned, we recommend that you confirm with the person you are sending the gift to beforehand.
"Blades are good luck charms."We recommend that you inform them of this interpretation.

※The color and pattern of the wrapping cannot be specified.

name engraving


The knives you purchase can be personal engraved.
Why not engrave your name on a knife that will be with you for a long time?
Also, a knife with a name engraved on it will be a special gift.

For more information about engraving, please check the engraving page.
About engraving a name

Knife sharpening (only available at actual stores)

No matter how high priced a knife is, if it is not sharpened, it will not be sharp.
A good knife is not an expensive knife, but a well-cared-for one, isn't it?
If the knife is not sharp enough, extra force will be applied to the hand, which can cause injury, and the original flavor of the food will not come out.
It is said that if you cook with a knife that is not sharp enough, the seasoning will be too strong, so sharpness is an important element of cooking that is related to the taste itself.

We have a variety of grinding stones that can be used for specific purposes.
If you would like to start sharpening knives by yourself, please feel free to ask us at the store for instructions on how to sharpen your knives.
You can also have your knives sharpened by our staff for a fee, so please take advantage of this service as well.

※Please note that we may not be able to accept knife sharpening depending on the shape or material.
For more information, please contact the store.

A cute whale-shaped mini knife with a rounded tip that is safe.
A lovely design that makes you feel as if you are swimming gracefully in the ocean, and it is currently gaining popularity among children and women!
A traditional craftsman of Tosa carefully made each one.

The reason for the birth of the whale knife
"I want you to make a blunt knife for sharpening children's pencils."
At the mother's request.
Since it is not sharp, it is finished in a shape that can be used safely even by small children.

Safe and secure, with a thick blade and excellent sharpness, the whale knife is useful in a variety of situations.
Children can sharpen pencils, woodworking, paper knives, gardening, cutting knives in the office, peeling fruit, outdoor activities, and more.

The black surface of the whale knife is an oxide film, and it is characterized by a slightly rough texture and uneven color that gives a handmade taste.
Two types of metals are combined, quenched, and re-oiled.

This whale knife was selected as an honorable mention from over 100 submissions at the 1st Kochi Souvenir Making Contest.
Also, at the 18th Japan National Village Revitalization Exhibition held in 2004, it was awarded the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, the highest award.

Would you like to have a cute whale knife as a decoration for your room or as a gift?
It is sure to please.

You can add a dedicated case (charged) as an option.
Please choose from the option selection.

Product specifications

■The table below can be scrolled horizontally■
Product name A sperm whale B male minke whale C minke whale female D fin whale E Bryde's Whale
brand Satoshi Yamashita, Fujigen Cutlery Factory Satoshi Yamashita, Fujigen Cutlery Factory Satoshi Yamashita, Fujigen Cutlery Factory Satoshi Yamashita, Fujigen Cutlery Factory Satoshi Yamashita, Fujigen Cutlery Factory
shape whale knife whale knife whale knife whale knife whale knife
Steel type Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
Steel material name steel steel steel steel steel
blade shape double-edged double-edged double-edged double-edged double-edged
blade structure interrupt interrupt interrupt interrupt interrupt
Blade finish/features black finish black finish black finish black finish black finish
full length※ 159mm 170mm 153mm 170mm 182mm
weight※ 80g 65g 65g 80g 80g
Blade length※ 50mm 52mm 53mm 61mm 63mm

*There are some individual differences depending on the product. note that.
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