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TADOKORO KNIVES Ginsan (Silver3) stainless steel Original Deba Knife

TADOKORO KNIVES Ginsan (Silver3) stainless steel Original Deba Knife

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This deba-knife is used for both home and professional use, and is suitable for cooking fish.
You can use this knife to cut fish into three pieces and crack their heads.
Today it is a rare, handcrafted product of the blacksmith that is made of good quality stainless steel. It has a Kasumi finish blade.
And It has a durable park wood handle. This makes it comfortable in your hand and allows you to use it for a long periods time cooking without stress.

■Awarded OMOTENASHI Selection

■Selected by NIHONMONO STORE(Produced by Hidetoshi Nakata)

Product specifications

■The table below can be scrolled horizontally.■
Product name Ginsan (Silver3) stainless steel Original Deba Knife
shape Deba knife
Type of steel stainless steel(INOX)
Steel material name Ginsan (Silver3) stainless steel
blade shape single-edged blade
blade structure with base
blade finish /features Kasumi finish
muzzle/ring horns of a water buffalo
handle Park
blade length※ 180mm
weight※ 219g
the thickest part※ 5.7mm

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