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Vee-Tech Yanagiba-knfe resin handle

Vee-Tech Yanagiba-knfe resin handle

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About the name engraving

About engraving names

We offer name engraving, please select it on the product page of your order.

550 yen per knife (tax included)

Notes on engraving

Please read carefully before placing an order.

  1. Except for incorrect letters, we do not accept returns or exchanges after the order has been placed.
  2. Laser engraving available.
  3. Typeface and size cannot be specified.
  4. We will choose the best typeface for your knife.
  5. Please note that the finished product may differ from the image shown in the picture due to the material of the handle.

Name engraving on Western kitchen knives

Horizontal writing, alphabet: up to 8 characters.

Vertical writing, Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana: 4 characters max.

Name engraving on Western kitchen knives Name engraving on Western kitchen knives

Name engraving on Japanese kitchen knives

Horizontal writing, alphabet: 15 characters or less.

Vertical writing, Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana: within 6 characters.

Name engraving on Japanese kitchen knives Name engraving on Japanese kitchen knives

If you have any other questions about personalization, please feel free to contact us.

Gift wrapping available (free of charge)

How about gift wrapping for celebrations or gifts?

We will provide free gift wrapping for those who make a purchase.
You cannot specify the color or pattern of the wrapping.

Knives are often thought of as not suitable as gifts, but in fact they go well together.

"Something that cuts off misfortune and opens up good fortune"

In that sense it is a very auspicious thing.
Even at weddings, cutting the wedding cake also signifies breaking new ground.

  • Wedding gifts
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Moving and housewarming gifts
  • Retirement celebration
  • birthday
  • Grand opening celebration
  • New Year's greetings
  • Summer gift
  • A gift to show your appreciation

It is ideal for etc.
If you are still worried, please check beforehand when sending the gift.
We recommend conveying the meaning that "knives are lucky charms."


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
Please refer to this when purchasing.

Click here for frequently asked questions

This knife is suitable for home to professional use and is

suitable for cooking fish.  The blade is sharp and suited for delicate work, and is used for making sashimi and carving fish. It is rust-resistant, easy to clean, and has a polished finish made of high-quality stainless steel.  The handle is made of resin, which is easy to clean and durable, and can be used for a long time.

Product specifications

■The table below can be scrolled horizontally.■
Product name Vee-Tech Yabagiba-knife  resin handle
brand Yondaime-ishiduchitomika
shape Yanagiba-knife
Type of steel sspecial steel
Steel material name SRS-Powder high speed steel
blade shape single-edged blade
blade structure with base
blade finish /features polished finish
muzzle/ring resin
handle octagonal handle
blde length※ 300mm
weight※ 250g
the thickest part※ 3.9mm

※Some products have slight individual differences. Please note that there may be slight variations in some products.
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