Net sales of TOKUZO original brand will start.


We are a knife shop mainly dealing with Tosa hammered knives from Kochi Prefecture.

We will start selling our original brand, "TOKUZO", on the Internet.

No molds are used in the manufacturing process of Tosa's Japanese knives.
The shape of the blade is freely formed by hammering.
Tosa hammered knives are all made by hand using this type of "free forging" process.
Taking advantage of a production method that is suited for a wide variety of products in small quantities, we are now able to offer a rich lineup of products.
We sell products that are practical and user-friendly, where you can feel the craftsman's attention to every detail of the product.

As for western knives, we try to provide a lineup that emphasizes maintenance and ease of use.
If you are wondering the best choice for your first kitchen knife, We recommend a Western-style kitchen knife.

We have a variety of products, from those perfect for everyday use at home to those that can be used by professionals.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about our products.

Please refer to the following page for the products.

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