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左利き 和包丁シリーズ

A series of Japanese kitchen knives for left-handed people will be arriving soon!
In general, left-handed knives are not widely available in stores and are more expensive.
This time, the products that we plan to start selling at TOKUZO will be the affordable standard models.
There is a wide range of sizes available.
As soon as they arrive, we will start selling them at our actual stores.
Please feel free to contact us for prices and other details.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

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For left-handed use Japanese Kitchen Knife Series

Brand name TOKUZO
Steel material nam white-2 carbon steel
blade structure For left-handed single edge
muzzle horns of a water buffalo
handle Park
6 Series 24 products
(Notation in mm)
Yanagiba-knife 210・240・270・300・330
Kama- style usuba-knife 180・195・210・225
Kanto style usuba-knife 180・195・210・225
Deba knife 120・135・150・165・180・195・210
Mioroshi knife 210・225・240
Santoku knife 165
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