Have you ever heard of a sujihiki knife?

Most of the kitchen knives you have at home are like this: santoku knife, nakiri knife, gyuto knife, petite knife, and for fish, de-ba or yagiba.

I think most of the knives you have at home are like this.

But there is one more type of knife that you should add to your household.

Its name is "Sujihiki knife."

It is a Western-style knife with a slender shape like a Gyuto knife and a length of 21 to 30 cm.

This knife is designed for cutting large pieces of meat into various thicknesses.

However, it is also good at fine work because it looks like a long, extended petite knife.

Most of them are double-edged, so anyone can use them well.

You can slice a block of ham, roast beef, etc. neatly and thinly, or cut a bargain-priced block of meat to the desired thickness.

It is ideal not only for meat but also for fish.

In fact, it can cut the material straighter than a single-edged sashimi knife.

It's a very useful product.

Since TOKUZO offers this Sujihiki knife in various materials

Please come to the store and see it for yourself.

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