The knife shop isn't as scary as you might think!

Every day when I am in the store, I hear people say, "Oh, it's a knife shop! I'm scared!" 

No, the knife shop isn't a scary place.

In the TOKUZO store, knives are held firmly in place by magnets, so they are safe.

This display is not only for safety, but also for customers to feel free to pick up the knives and make a satisfactory choice.

When choosing a knife, it is very important to not only look at it, but to actually hold it in your hand.

If you find a knife that interests you, don't hesitate to try holding it.

For safety reasons, if you do not touch the blade, it is not dangerous.

And let me say a few words about another reason why people think knife shops are scary.

Many people fear that if they enter a knife store, they may be scared of the scary-looking clerks.(Laughing)

The staff at TOKUZO are very friendly and normal people.

We listen carefully to our customers' questions and requests, and help them choose knives that will satisfy them.

We do not have rude staff who are arrogant to amateur customers.

Talking with customers is the best way for us to learn about knives.

Don't worry if you're not a professional chef, or if your questions are out of the ordinary.

"I've just started fishing, but I'm on a tight budget, so I'm wondering if there's a knife I can buy that will handle all my fish."

"I want to buy a good knife because my family's knives are not sharp enough. I wan"

"What kind of knife do you think would be a good gift for a newlywed?"

"I want to sharpen my knives with a whetstone, but what should I buy first and how do I use it?"

Please feel free to come up with good questions.

There are staff members at TOKUZO who are waiting for your good questions.

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