June 21st is Father's Day

We frequently hear from our male customers that they have started cooking while working from home.

Many customers say that once they started cooking, they enjoyed it and became addicted to it.

By having your father or husband cook the meals, you may have more conversations with your family than before the self-restraint.

 Father's Day is coming soon.

Why not give your father a special knife just for him?

 They' re sure to be pleased when you present them with a knife that looks and cuts like a champ!

 It will make them more excited and more skilled.

You can count on good food♪

 But what should I choose? I don't even know what a kitchen knife is. If that's the case, leave it to us.

 Please feel free to consult with Tokuzo staff.

We will work closely with you and suggest the best knife to make your father or husband happy.

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